STEP UP.. the ultimate face-off

Step up is the biggest and grand dancing competition being held in and around Kakinada. There are cash prizes totaling the worth up to 1 Lakh for the participants. The Event is conducted on 6, 13, 20 and 27th of January in 2019 at V.S.R CONVENTION HALL NEAR ADITYA DEGREE COLLEGE, SAMBAMURTHY NAGAR. The auditions are being held on 30-12-2018. Venue is CHEMIST AND DRUGGIST HALL NEAR ADITYA SCHOOL, SRINAGAR. The best of entertainment and the best of Dance guaranteed. Make your weekend an eventful one. Come relish rejoice yourselves with the great talents shown by our people.


On 6th jan 2019, the leagues will be held. Out of the 4 teams from each group based on the performance 3 teams will qualify to the quarter finals. The quarter finals will be held on 13th Jan 2019. Here based on the performance, 2 teams from each group will qualify to the semi-finals. on 20th Jan 2019 the semi-finals is held. You shall need to deliver 2 performances 1 theme based and an another property based round. Based on the performance one team from each group will be entering the grand finale. The Grand Finale is held on 27th Jan 2019. There will be 3 finalists one from each group. The finalists will perform. Based on the performance, two teams will qualify to the ULTIMATE FACE-OFF round, where the two finalists will perform on a single track which will be said to you guys on 20 Jan 2019. Based on the performance of the Two the Ultimate winner will be announced.

Selection Process

From the auditions the top 12 teams will be selected. No solo performances are allowed. There will be only group performances. In a group a minimum of 3 to the maximum of 10 members are allowed. After the completion of auditions 12 teams will be selected. Each team will be placed into 3 groups each A, B and C respectively.

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